Johannesburg, October 21: Save the Date to “Unleash Your Value Proposition“

Our plans have reached the stage where I can finally tell you: I am flying solo to Johannesburg, South Africa to guide you through a one-day premium workshop for Agile leaders and coaches on applying the Agile Fluency Model!!

I’m working with a partner in Johannesburg will open will open signups and make the official announcement in the next few days.

For now, save the date Wednesday, October 21!

We Need Your Help Solving A Problem

Here’s our problem, and we want to solve it with you: We got into Agile Software Development because when we started doing it we heard people exclaim, “Wow finally, I love my job!” But, today it seems we are doing well when people say, “At least, now my job doesn’t suck so much.” Consultants sell […]

This is Why I’m So Excited About Agile Fluency

Are you wondering how the Agile Fluency Immersion experience can help you in your work? In this post, Steve writes about two of his experiences working with the Agile Fluency Model, and he describes what we want you to experience during the 3-days of the Agile Fluency Immersion.