Agile Fluency Immersion

Experience best-fit Agile

WHEN 18-20 May, 2015 * 21-22 May Coaches' Masterclass
WHERE Rückersbach Seminar and Wellness Center (Germany)

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In 2016, we are running small immersions at conferences such as XP2016 in Edinburgh and Agile 2016 in Gdansk. We’re also working with the Agile Fluency Project to produce Agile Fluency Gatherings. Look for a European Gathering in 2017!

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We offer immersions that range from 1-3 day basics, to the full 1 week bootcamp.

Experience the Promise of Agile

You can deliver the best results.

Are you passionate about getting the most possible value out of your investment in creating quality software applications? We will show you how.

Have you received the results you want out of your software application development efforts? In this 3-day workshop, you will learn how you can get the rewards you need. You’ll understand the roadmap for making the investments required, and you'll appreciate the benefits you're currently receiving. You'll acquire new skills essential to optimising the results of your software development organisation. You will be ready to collect the rewards of your investment in developing software applications.

This experience is for everyone who needs to deliver results. Diana Larsen and Steve Holyer invite you to join us for the Agile Fluency Immersion.


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The fee for the workshop includes your full stay (room and all meals) at the 4-star Rückersbach Seminar and Wellness Center near Frankfurt, Germany. The only additional fees you will incur are at your own discretion, e.g., for your bar tab or wellness activities.


Coach's Masterclass

Two additional days of co-creation, 21-22 May

We are also working with coaches and facilitators who want to help teams reach their goals for Agile Software Development.

The coaches' masterclass (offered as a two day add-on to the Agile Fluency Immersion 22-22 May) is your chance to create an intentional coaching community of leaders and practitioners who help teams avoid the pitfalls that lead to what Martin Fowler calls “flaccid Agile”.

Whether the title on your business card says "coach" or not, you are invited to join this group if you are passionate about helping teams reach their goals.

Read more: About the Coach's Masterclass

Agile Fluency Immersion

18-20 May: Rückersbach Seminar and Wellness Center

We want to work with a small, dedicated, passionate group. We also want to encourage early registrations. That's why the first people to signup get the best deal. [event post_id="300"]#_BOOKINGFORM[/event] Contact if you have questions about registration.

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