The Agile Fluency Model

Agile Fluency Immersion

Experience best-fit Agile

WHEN 17-20 May, 2015 * 20-22 May Coaches' Masterclass
WHERE Rückersbach Seminar and Wellness Center

We’ve Seen Teams Dance

We want you to do Agile well. We want your team to dance.

We know how you and your teams will learn to do Agile well and deliver the results you were promised.  We've found a model that’s incredibly useful for helping teams, managers, and executives become fluent in Agile Software Development.  This model helps everyone understand not only what they can get from Agile, but also what they need to invest in order to get those results.

We’re talking about Diana Larsen’s and James Shore’s Agile Fluency™ Model. (Which you can always find at )

We use this model with executives, coaches and teams so that we can focus on concrete outcomes. We find the tradeoffs to mastering Agile.

We show teams how to thrive, and we help managers understand, support the context, and determine the investments necessary  to get results with Agile.

Practitioners using this model tell us: “It works.”

Now we want you to experience Agile Fluency, so you get the full benefit that Agile promises.


More about the Agile Fluency Model

Agile, and this workshop, are about creating new opportunities for you and your company.  

We've grouped these opportunities into "stars."

  • One-star teams have the ability to discuss their work in terms of business opportunities, show business progress every week, and change direction according to business needs.
  • Two-star teams do that and deliver high-quality, low-defect software to market as frequently as the market will accept it.
  • Three-star teams can do all that and they have a deep understanding of their market's needs. They spend less time on features no one wants and more time on innovative, differentiating ideas. They deliver the most value possible given the resources available.


Do these capabilities seem valuable to you? They do to our clients.

A recent client estimated that getting to three-star Agile Fluency would lead to at least half a million dollars per year in additional revenue.

Our workshop teaches you how to reach that three-star level. We will show you how to apply this knowledge to your specific situation. We'll spend most of our final day helping you understand how to apply your new expertise in a way that makes a real difference in your organization.