About the Workshop

Agile Fluency Immersion

Experience best-fit Agile

WHEN 17-20 May, 2015 * 20-22 May Coaches' Masterclass
WHERE Rückersbach Seminar and Wellness Center

A One-of-a-Kind Experience

The Agile Fluency Immersion is a unique Agile training experience you won’t find anywhere else. In this course, you'll find the kind of Agile that your company needs—where your teams thrive.

We've upgraded “The Art of Agile” workshops created by James Shore with Diana Larsen.

We've taken those proven course that attendees love, and we've combined and updated them to reflect what we’ve learned about the way teams learn Agile on the path of Agile Fluency. We’ve actually come full circle, since James and Diana used the workshops to help them develop the Agile Fluency Model.

Over your three days in this course, you will undertake a hands-on product development challenge. Diana and Steve will be your guides. You'll join leaders, product managers, coaches and developers, and you will work together to  acquire the proficiency needed to deliver results while you become more fluent as an Agile delivery team.

You will “focus on value” (the usual domain of Scrum Master/PO training and Kanban training), you will learn to “deliver value” (the usual domain of Software Craftsmanship and XP / Scrum Developer Training) and you will learn to “optimise for value” (the usual domain of Mangement 3.0, Lean Startup and some Lean Software Development training).

When you go home, you'll have actually experienced one-, two- and three-star Agile. And you will understand how each star relates to the investments your company must make to achieve the rewards they need. You'll know what it feels like to be on a high-performance team, and you'll be ready to take those insights back to your organisation.



... together with everyone

... with your own community of practice

We invite:

  • executives
  • directors
  • line managers;
  • portfolio, product, and project manager
  • coaches
  • scrum masters
  • development team members
  • UX, and DevOps professionals

What Can You Expect?

"The workshop is the truest immersion into the heart and practice of agile software development I’ve ever experienced."

a participant

Day 1: Team Learning—Focus on Value

  • Identify the Promise and the Future of Agile
  • Choose your rewards, plan your investment
  • Benchmark the Agile in the room
  • Discover the Agile Fluency Model
  • Close the gap between where you are and where you want to be
  • Receive the workshop product development challenge
  • Form and charter your cross-functional team (programmers, customers, business, testers)

Content includes 

Make Work Visible - product demo, iteration review, transparency
Plan Adaptively - User Stories, estimating (or not), working with business liaison(s)
Build Trust within the Team - 5-minute Standups, retrospectives, feedback, effective meetings
Define Team cadence - iterations, timeboxes, Kanban
Learn to Learn - Continuous Improvement


Games and Socializing

"The things we learned at Art of Agile changed us forever... It helped us become better consultants and in turn serve our clients better."

Debbie Madden, CEO

Day 2: Team Learning—Deliver Value

  • Report Team Progress
  • Reflect on Agile Fluency insights
  • Demonstrate ability to ship
  • Explore Concept-to-Delivery Cycle Times

Content includes 

Make Work Visible - Story Mapping, Continuous Integration, Liftoff/Agile Chartering
Plan Adaptively - Real Options, Collective Ownership, Progressive Elaboration
Build Trust within the Team -Pair Programming, Software Craftsmanship/Clean Code, collaboration
Build Trust with Customer and Business -Impact Mapping, Stakeholder Analysis, deliver on market cadence
Adjust Team Cadence  - Slack, Cost of Delay, No Defects


Music, Dancing, Wellness and Nature

"“As an Agile coach… Agile Fluency has been an effective tool for me to help tell the agility story to the entire organization.”

Brent D. Strange

Day 3: Team Learning—Optimize for Value

  • Continue along the Path through Agile Fluency
  • Use concrete business metrics
  • Focus on higher-value projects, cancel low-value projects
  • Iterate on your Agile Fluency Baseline
  • Adjourning the teams
  • Take the learning and new skills home to your organization
    • What rewards does your organization want from each team?
    • What investments do teams need from your organization?
  • Next Steps and Further Resources

Content includes 

Make Business Metrics Visible - ROI, customer satisfaction, profitability, Agile contracts
Plan Adaptively -  Minimum Marketable Features, Incremental Requirements, No Estimates
Build Trust within the Team -  Business expertise in whole team full-time, incremental design and architecture
Build Trust with Customer and Business - Innovation and Market feedback, Fast decision-making,

"I've just finished the most interactive training class I've ever taken… it was intense... Seriously, I could take this team back and start solving some real problems very, very soon."

John Hines

Day 4 & 5: Add-on: Coaching Masterclass

Community-driven format - Taking Agile Fluency to the next level

Who Should Attend

The workshop is for everyone eager to influence the way Agile is practiced in their organization. Everyone who sponsors, leads, participates with, or supports software development teams will find a rewarding place in this experience.

You will work together to gain a rich understanding of true Agile transformation that scales.

While our immersion experience is great for individual participants, it's even better for teams who attend together.

Bring Your Team

After your 3-day immersion you will be able to work with your teams to help them master Agile software development.

However, when you attend with your entire team we, will give you all an experience that allows them to return home more fluent in Agile and ready to work at the next level. Which will immediately pay off in project benefits--even the elusive, sometimes thought to be mythical, high performance.