New Workshop: Unleash Your Value Proposition using the Agile Fluency™ Model

Unleash Your Value Proposition using the Agile Fluency™ Model

It’s time for a change.

As a Business Leader or Coach:

  • Have you really received the benefits you expected from your Agile transformation?
  • Can your team unlock your product’s value proposition? Do they deliver all the results your customers need?
  • Are you looking for a meaningful team assessment to develop learning objectives for transformation?
  • Has your organisation’s latest change program stalled, or is it headed towards the rubbish bin like the change programs before it?

“We got a vision where to go with the company & how [to get there]!” — a previous workshop participant

IMG_Masterclass_FluencyMapToo many people tell me, “we tried Agile and it just didn’t work.” But, I know Agile teams will deliver great results. You can help Agile teams create the lasting change they deserve. They will deliver the results your customers need once you:

  1. Identify the level of return you (or your investors) desire
  2. Make the required investments to get those returns (or coach the investors to make them)
  3. Coach teams to develop fluent proficiency in Agile skills and practices
  4. Understand how skills and practices change as teams become more fluent

Discover how to unleash your value proposition in this hands-on workshop experience. Explore leadership and coaching strategies to kickstart a team’s evolution. Learn to apply the Agile Fluency™ Model from James Shore and Diana Larsen. People who use the model say, “It just works.” Now you can find concrete and pragmatic ways to apply it with executives, leaders, and teams.

“As an Agile coach… Agile Fluency has been an effective tool for me to help tell the agility story to the entire organization.” – Brent D. Strange / Go-Daddy

In the workshop you will:

  • Work in cohorts to address the questions that concern you most
  • Apply the Agile Fluency Model to determine the Agile approaches that fit your needs best
  • Identify skills and practices to develop your teams’ fluency
  • Create a leadership or coaching plan to take your Agile adoption to the next level, and unleash product value in your development organisation

“I gathered a lot of new fresh ideas during this workshop … will help me energize my coaching sessions.” – a workshop participant

Do you want to:

… capture the spirit 0f a 4­-person startup working from a garage?

… scale agile processes in a large organisation?

… meet the daily challenges of managing or coaching Agile transformations in a complex organisation?

Then, save the date for this special 1-day advanced workshop! Prepare to be one step closer to getting the results you need. Be ready to unleash your value proposition and make Agile work for you.

Who will benefit:​ coaches, product owners, managers, scrum masters, executives, change makers
Prerequisites:​ none
Level:​ practicing
Facilitator/Trainer: Steve Holyer
Cost: TBA
Location: TBA, Johannesburg South Africa
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