We Need Your Help Solving A Problem

Here’s our problem, and we want to solve it with you:

  • We got into Agile Software Development because when we started doing it we heard people exclaim, “Wow finally, I love my job!” But, today it seems we are doing well when people say, “At least, now my job doesn’t suck so much.”
  • Consultants sell companies on the “promise of Agile” and only deliver fundamental skills building—what a huge mismatch.
  • Everyone is trying to scale the benefits of team-based Agile to the Enterprise, yet few are talking about the investments the Enterprise must make in team-based learning to achieve the results they want.
  • Teams need evolving types of coaching, and different coaching skills, at different stages in their journey, but often we haven’t identified which “learning objectives” and which coaching strategies are fit for which purpose on the journey.
  • There is a lot of great Agile thought leadership focusing on one aspect of realizing the value to the organization, but how do we understand that in the larger context of the changes a learning team and organization go through.
  • We know of a lot of “failed” Agile transformations, and yet the same companies keep trying again (Diana and I were talking last Friday about one organisation on its fifth “unsucessful” transformation)–they have recognized value and are still looking for a way to realize that value in a way that fits their purpose.

What do you think we can do to understand and deliver value in our software development organisations. Arlo Belshee, Ron Jefferies, Martin Fowler and others are pointing to the Agile Fluency™ Model as a tool for solving these problem. How would you find a solution? Would you work with us share your answer and come up with new ways to understand value delivery? Please comment, or tweet this link, to share your thoughts.

And please register to join us in just two weeks (beginning 18 May) at the incredibly relaxing 4-star Rückersbach Seminar Center near Franfurt, Germany to share with us in person!